Some women experience prolonged irregular periods that come with heavy bleeding and pain and if you are going through the same, we are here to help. These 10 home remedies give you relief from the cramps and stop heavy blood flow. 

1. Make a paste of tamarind, honey and water by mixing it in a blender and drink it up. The antioxidants found in tamarind reduces the cholesterol levels and treats heavy bleeding.

2. Rich in omega-3 fatty acid, mustard seed powder when mixed with milk or water aides in regulating estrogen levels and keeping hormonal imbalance in check that regulates menstrual flow.

3. Research shows that, having apple cider vinegar with water works as a tonic that drains out toxins from the body, maintains hormonal balance and treats cramps

4. Using a cold compress leads to vasoconstriction, the tightening of blood vessels that helps in reducing pain in the lower abdomen and heavy menstrual flow.

5. Drinking luke warm water with coriander seeds in it aides in balancing hormones to cure heavy periods and improve the functioning of the uterine

6. Magnesium, iron and minerals in Blackstrap molasses assists in reducing menstrual bleeding by increasing the number of red blood cells to keep a check on the blood loss and reduce the pain.

7. Sipping on cinnamon tea decreases bleeding as it encourages blood flow away from the uterus and reduces inflammation.

8. A study shows that consuming flax seed tea during menstruation regulates estrogen levels as it has hormone balancing properties in it that decreases the blood flow.

9. A fresh glass of parsley juice helps the body to absorb iron that is lost due to heavy flow as it is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that decrease the inflammation.

10. Have food rich in magnesium and iron content to avoid anemia, regulate hormonal balance and stop heavy bleeding during periods.

Have a happy period.