LSD which is commonly also known as ‘acid’ can have different effects on different people. Here are some true first acid trip experiences shared by people.

1. “Our mistake was taking it too late in the day. I tried to go to sleep, but I discovered that I couldn’t turn off the music. It just kept playing, on and on. About this time, I had a very sudden, uncontrollable bowel movement. I rushed to the bathroom and somehow ended up naked on the toilet, literally shitting blood, with the fucking music still looping through my head.”

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2. “The self-reliance that is awakened during a bad trip alone is one of the most crucial psychological skills you can ever learn. When it happened to me, it changed my entire paradigm. In the middle of a bad trip, there is no waiting, because you realize quite frankly that no one is coming to help. It is only you, and your life (so it feels) is in your hands. And, deep down, you know what to do, you know what you need to do, but you’ve been programmed not to access that strength.”


3. “When I took it, I had a lot more energy than usual and was very very happy, but not out of it. I also didn’t hallucinate. It’s different for everyone. Try it and see how it affects you, just be sure to do it in a comfortable, familiar atmosphere with people you trust (if you have a bad trip). Make sure you’re in a good/positive mood and don’t take it if you have severe paranoia or are prone to anxiety attacks.”
– Rambis

4. “I enjoyed the distinct advantage of having virtual reality. Needless to say, my first experience was mind-splatteringly awesome. I partied and danced all night, until my legs couldn’t hold me up anymore.”


5. “I distinctly remember trying to explain to her how it felt like jellyfish were swimming up and down my spine which she thought was absolutely hilarious at the time and for years any reference to jellyfish became our code for tripping. Tripping with your lover can create wonderful opportunities to grow together.”

6. “It took around 2 hours before I felt any impact. At first I was laughing like crazy at anything, I really laughed tears for anything stupid that moment happened. I had my first visual when I looked at a group of wind turbines. I saw how one of the wind turbines stopped mid air and than changed the direction of rotors. Really surreal but cool as heck.”
– Nevidno


7. “Me and my roommate both took one tab of 150 ug blotter, it was an amazing experience. There was not a ton of visual effects, but our conversation and thoughts were nothing ever experienced before. It was quite a beautiful experience since we were both at military school. It relieved a lot of the stress of everyday military life, and it taught us how to see life in a different light.”

8. “I took 300-400 ug and it was going great until a couple hours into the trip. I started to feel a sense of doom, and tbh started to panic a bit and then around maybe 30-45 minutes later I suddenly felt alone in the universe.”

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9. “The trip made me incredibly introspective and increased my empathy levels a lot. It made me excited to be a good parent, it helped me clarify some personal goals, criticize myself objectively, and made me feel connected to not just my loved ones, but everything.”

10. “I felt like there were two different parts of me, one that was having a good time and the other that was dying. I kept forgetting conversations I was having and I kept crying. I ended up locking myself away from everyone.”

These stories are presented to raise awareness about the things that can happen when people consume LSD although the experiences described are individual and not necessarily representative of what is experienced by all users of LSD.