You’re in public minding your buisness then something happens and you face your worst fear.  

And that fear is a sneeze! 

Yes, a mucus-filled, germ inducing ‘sneeze.‘ But what happens next is the stuff of nightmares, the stuff that keeps you up at night. 

That person who sneezed near you, not only did that in the palm of his hands but wiped it off … just anywhere. 


In this instance, you have two thoughts: one, damn this guy is gross; and two, can I please move to Antarctica? 

I mean who doesn’t use a hand sanitizer after sneezing in their hands. In fact, who sneezes in their god damn hands? 

I get it, a sneeze can come out of nowhere when you least expect it. You can have an allergy, you might even be having a cold.

But hello, there are hundreds of scientists working their ass off researching and telling you repeatedy that sneezing into your hands spreads germs.  

For crying out loud, how bloody hard it is to use a sanitizer? Or sneezing into the sleeves of your shirt? Or if not that then just washing your god damn hands?

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I mean how selfish can one be to not acknowledge the fact that it affects another person horribly? Do you even know the fear others go through when you start touching literally anything with that mucus-filled hand of yours? You’re not just passing on your kitaanu to all of us but are contaminating the entire area. 

But do you feel any guilt? No!

I am not trying to be harsh. We all are human and it’s not like I don’t sneeze. But you know what I have that you don’t? Awareness (and a hankerchief). 

A single sneeze can literally transfer up to 100,000 germs in one go. So, for god’s sake, wash your hands and spare us the horror of your bimari