PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game that has gained immense popularity. However, there are some gamers who are even addicted to this game which is why it has become a major concern for many. PUBG is a fabulous game but getting addicted to it can give rise to certain mental and physical health issues that you, yourself may not be aware of. So, here are the 7 negative side effects that PUBG has on one’s mental and physical health that you should beware about. 

1. It is extremely violent. 

PUBG has been under scrutiny for being a violent game. Excessive violence can trigger aggressive thoughts, emotions and behaviour that ultimately affects the mental health of the player.

2. It leads to gaming addiction. 

Playing too much PUBG can make you less productive. Video game addiction is not a new thing but you should know that this is not good for one’s mental health.

3. You can end up becoming less socially active. 

Most gamers spend their entire day playing PUBG which means they end up becoming less socially active.

 4. It promotes bad physical health.

Just sitting around in one place and playing for long hours is not good for your physical health. One tends to become lazy. Also, staring at your computer screen for long hours can affect your eyesight and give you headaches.

5. It affects your mental health. 

Those who are addicted to playing PUBG can get easily stressed out or face anxiety issues in public due to lack of social interaction.

6. It disrupts your sleep pattern. 

You should know that sitting in front of the computer screen for too long can make it hard for you to sleep even if you finally decide to call it day.

7. There is no time to do anything else. 

I am sure you know that a single game of PUBG can take up to an hour to complete. Even if you play 5 matches a day, it means that you will be wasting about 4-5 hours every day doing nothing productive.

No one is asking you to stop playing PUBG. Just don’t get addicted to it.