Today, heart attacks are on the rise in India. Blame the modern lifestyle, hectic work schedule or just the destiny. The signs of a heart attack go unnoticed by most of the people making it a regretful event. But, by keeping track on certain signs you can easily know if you are about to get a heart attack and rush with the medication ASAP!

1. Fatigue takes over your life. 

Weeks before you might actually have a heart attack you start feeling exhausted for no reason. Even an activity as simple as carrying a laptop becomes a task for you.  


2. A feeling of pain and heaviness in the upper body. 

You might not consider it serious because the origin of the pain isn’t always heart. It might be your shoulders, arms or chest. This could happen because the blood starts to clot before the actual heart attack.


3. You start sweating excessively. 

This is one of the most visible signs, you sweat more than usual and are completely drenched all the time. You cannot control the sweating even under favourable temperatures for your body.


4. You are always trying to catch your breath. 

In case of a heart attack, even making an ordinary conversation becomes a challenge. You might even start panting after just walking for 5 minutes. 


5. You feel dizzy and nauseous. 

Prior to a heart attack you might have an upset stomach and a spree of vomiting sessions making you feel all drained out of energy. 


6. You tend to sleep way less than normal.

Loss of sleep starts weeks before. You are wide awake all the time and even after constant efforts, sleeping becomes a troublesome job. 


7. Anxiety is the natural indicator. 

Call this psychology or scientific, but many people start getting an instinct before a heart attack. A feeling of fear and discomfort takes over, and your body starts indicating you automatically.


Note: Please refer to a licensed medical practioner before coming to any medical conclusions on your own or through the internet.