Stress can take a toll on the mental and physical state of an individual. However, being in a constant state of anxiety is not good for your health. So, here are 10 easy yoga asanas that will help relieve your stress and calm the nervous system. 

1. The Child Pose 

This posture helps to calm the mind and ease stress. It benefits the nervous system and the lymphatic system. 

2. The Bridge Pose

This posture gently stretches the back and legs. It also helps to reduce fatigue, headache, backache and insomnia. 

3. Standing Forward Bend

This posture will aide in stretching your back, hips and hamstrings. It also helps to reduce fatigue, anxiety and mild depression.

4. Eagle Pose

This posture helps to ward off stress by improving focus and balance. It also helps to release tension from shoulders, legs and the back. 

5. Corpse Pose

This posture emphasizes on total relaxation of the body. It also helps to lower blood pressure and quiet down the nervous system. 

6. Extended Triangle Pose

This pose is an excellent stress reliever as it encourages full body stretch. It also improves digestion and lessens the symptom of anxiety and osteoporosis. 

7. Leg Up The Wall Pose

Do this pose if you want to reduce stress and encourage blood circulation to the heart. 

8. Puppy Pose

This posture has a heart-opening effect as it helps to counter slouching shoulders when stressed.

9. Cat Pose

This posture soothes and stretches the lower back as it helps to relieve stress and massage the spine.

10. Dolphin Pose

This pose promotes inner peace and calmness. It helps to open the hips, lengthen the spine and increase serenity. Do this pose if you want to get rid of physical and mental exhaustion. 

Hold each pose for at least one minute before changing your posture.