For a lot of us, our office is a space where we get our daily dose of gossip, the chit-chat in between work and of course the chai and sutta breaks. While all these things add up to our otherwise boring 9 to 5, constant interaction with co-workers may not be that good. 


study suggests that when you have a lot of work in hands or when your work needs hella concentration to be put in, then talking to your co-workers can make you super exhausted and make you burn out.   

Health expert psychologist Ulrika Leons adds

If someone distracts you, it can take somewhere between five and 25 minutes for you to fully focus your attention on your task again. It takes energy to switch between tasks all the time.  

The suggestion to stray away from all that over exhaustion is to shut yourself from your colleagues.   

And what can be a better way to shut anyone? Headphones. It is suggested that using your headphones while working will not let your colleagues disturb you at least for a bit. There are a few other ways that can help us block our colleagues.    

Together with your employer, you could visually block work stations in your office from communal or social spaces, for example, so you don’t end up seeing everyone going for coffee. You can arrange for people to go into a meeting room if they want to make a phone call, so they don’t disturb others. 

So all those office lads who are dying every day with the burden of moral obligations, it is time to break away. And for the rest who can’t live without their daily dose of office gup, khayal rakhna!