Do you come under that rare category of people who drink like a tanker and still never get drunk? Who is always helping their drunk friends puke in the washroom or picking up their calls when they pass out? Well, turns out it’s not such a great thing.  

A study by the associate professor of psychological and brain sciences in Arts & Sciences, Washington University has revealed that the brains of people who drink a lot can shrink in sizes. It’s also genetic and your future generations are predisposed to drinking more alcohol. 


The author of the study mentioned, 

Our results suggest that associations between alcohol consumption and reduced brain volume are attributable to shared genetic factors. The study is impressive because it uses a variety of approaches and data analysis techniques to reach findings that all converge on the same conclusion. 

This research is based on longitudinal and family data of three independent brain imaging studies. First comparing drinking behaviours between twin and non-twin siblings, second was the longitudinal research within children who were never exposed to alcohol and third was the analysis of gene expression with the help of postmortem brain tissue. 

So, if you have been thinking all this while that not getting drunk is a superpower then probably you should thank your ancestors for that.