According to Wikipedia, about 800,000 people die by committing suicide every year, out of which, 135,000 (17%) are Indians. 

No wonder India is the world's most depressing country, with limited scope for help and rehabilitation. 

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Battling your suicidal tendencies is not easy to be honest but you can seek silent help through the following helplines. 

1. Roshni Helpline 

+91 4066202000

Roshni helpline is a Hyderabad-based suicide intervention centre. The volunteers are well trained to support someone suffering from any kind of mental illness. 

They are available from 11 AM to 9 PM, Monday to Saturday. 

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2.Sneha Foundation India 

+91 4424640050

Sneha Foundation India is a 24X7 operational helpline offering unconditional support to people who aren't mentally well. 

You can also write to them at [email protected]

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3. Sumaitri Helpline 


Sumaitri will be your help when the world is shut down for you and you can't find anyone offering help nearby. You can call them from 2 PM to 10 PM, Monday to Friday and 10 AM to 10 PM, Saturday-Sunday. 

You can also write to them at: [email protected] 

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4. The Samaritans Mumbai 


Based in Mumbai, Samaritans is one of the most efficient helplines and an organisation showing great empathy for those who are mentally & emotionally stressed. 

You can also write to them at: [email protected]

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5. Connecting India 

+91 9922001122

Connecting India is an NGO targeting the youthful men and women who suffer from depression or suicidal tendencies. You can contact them from 12 PM to 8 PM, Monday to Sunday. 

You can also write to them at: [email protected]

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6. Cooj 

+91 8322252525

Cooj is a Goa-based helpline that has been helping people since 2013. The helpline is operational from 1 PM to 7 PM, Monday to Friday. 

7. Vandrevala Foundation

+91 1860-2662-345, 1800-2333-330 

Establishing the "Mental Health - India" initiative in 2009, this foundation is one of the key standing arenas helping mentally ill & emotionally distressed people till date. 

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8. Parivarthan 


Parivarthan (transformation in Sanskrit) is a counselling, training and research centre dedicated to promote positive change in an individual. 

The helpline is operational from 9.30 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Saturday. 

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9. Saath 

079-2630-5544, 079-2630-0222

Saath is an Ahmedabad-based suicide prevention centre supporting for the suicidal and depressed. With 10,000 yearly cases, they are really doing the best they can to prevent suicides in India. 

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10. iCall


The Mumbai based suicide prevention helpline, iCall, focuses heavily on saving teenage lives. They believe the age of adolescence is a critical transformational phase, which is most vulnerable to committing suicide. 

This helpline is operational from 8 AM to 10 PM, Monday to Saturday. 

Source: Medical Express

11. Lifeline Foundation

033-2463-7401, 033-2463-7432

The Kolkata-based suicide prevention centre, Lifeline, provides emotional support to those who are distressed or emotionally unstable. 

This suicide prevention centre was first started as an NGO way back in 1996. 

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Though spread across the country, a right conversation over a phone call may save someone's life. Tell us about more such helplines if you know about any.