SUMMER!  Just when you have given up all your hopes on wearing those tank tops, micro minis and you’ve got no chill to workout or shed anymore sweat, say hello to these easy workout tips which will keep you in shape and give you enough stamina to beat that heat.

1. Try out stretching for a flexible and energized body. 

Stretching has uncountable benefits. From boosting up your energy levels to giving you a toned body it does all the work. 


2. Make walking a habit while you talk or work. 

Walk, walk, walk! Walk while you talk, walk while you work and walk while you read. Even before you start to shed sweat you’ll be shedding the extra pounds that you gained during the winter breaks. 

3. Try out stomach crunches for a flat belly.

Inhale, exhale and perform stomach crunches 10 times daily before you leave the bed. EAT AND REPEAT after that.


4. Running for even a few minutes daily builds in endurance. 

Go running daily for 20 minutes, it will not only strengthen you but will also give you a goddess like toned body. Also, what better way to burn fat than music and a run? 


5. Try out jumping for a better stamina and some fun. 

Not only will it lighten your mood, but will also burn the excess fat and keep your body toned. And hey, it’s good for your blood circulation too. 


6. Swimming is the best exercise for an overall toned body.  

Let’s be very honest that we all love swimming in the summer.  It is the best form of work out for having a good posture, stamina and a toned body.


7. Air cycling in the bed strengthens your legs.  

Cycle in the air like you peddle a bicycle and get toned thighs while laying in your bed. It gives you the required stamina to work all day long by strengthening your abdomen muscles.


8. Use steps instead of elevators once a day for more endurance. 

Cheat on elevators and escalators and say hello to steps.  The more you climb the more your body burns hip fat and your blood cholesterol levels remain in balance.