Have you felt your legs feel tighter and swollen lately? Well, your legs are probably swollen and that too because of one of these 7 reasons: 

1. Congestive Heart Failure 

Congestive heart failure happens when your heart is too weak to pump all the blood your body needs. It then leads to fluid buildup in your legs that causes it to swell. 

2. Kidney Problems 

Long-term kidney disease happens when your kidneys don’t work the way they should. Instead of filtering water and waste material from your blood, fluid gathers in your body, which causes swelling in your arms and legs. 

3. Injuries 

If you twist your ankle or break a bone, you’ll likely get some swelling. It’s your body’s natural reaction to the injury. It moves fluid and white blood cells into the area and releases chemicals that help you heal. 

4. Infections 

Anytime you get a cut, scrape, or more serious wound, your body rushes fluid and white blood cells to the area. That causes swelling. If it lasts longer than 2-3 weeks, see a doctor. 

5. Edema 

Edema is the medical term for swelling that occurs when fluid becomes trapped in the body’s tissues. It usually affects the legs and feet but can also occur in other parts of the body, such as the face or abdomen. 

6. Preeclampsia 

This is a condition that can occur during pregnancy or immediately after the birth. Symptoms include protein in the urine, rapid excessive fluid retention, and high blood pressure. 

7. Side Effects 

Taking certain medications can result in the feet swelling, especially if they cause water retention.