DISCLAIMER: We are not here to promote alcohol of any kind. So chill!

Before I tell you the benefits, let me get one thing straight. Anything in excess is dangerous. The same applies for alcohol. If consumed everyday, alcohol can serious harm.

But if you’re meticulous about the amount you drink, alcohol can also have some major benefits. Yes, you read that right!

From beer for your hair to red wine for your blood flow, we’ve all heard of these benefits. But the good things aren’t just restricted to beer and wine. Tequila too is known to give you major health benefits. Just that most people don’t know about them. 

So here we are, listing down 11 health benefits of tequila that’ll automatically make it your drink of choice. However, remember that these benefits will apply for those who ONLY drink tequila and that too GOOD quality tequila it. Like, agave tequila. 

What is agave? It’s a succulent plant and a natural form of sugar. And when used to make tequila, it can result in a lot of benefits! 

So grab a lime, sit back, down a shot and scroll through: 

1. Helps stimulate your appetite. 

One shot of tequila before lunch and one after will help you stimulate your appetite and aid digestion. 


2. Helps in treating common cold.

I wish someone told my dad that even a shot of tequila is helpful in treating cold and not just brandy. 

A combination of Blanco, lime juice and agave nectar in tequila helps relieve sour throats and kill bacteria.


3. Helps in weight loss.

Tequila helps your body absorb calcium, which is needed in order to burn fat. The more calcium you have, the more fat you can burn! 

Again, limited amount only, people. 


4. Lowers the risk of diabetes.

Tequila made from the agave plant triggers insulin production, helping in lower blood sugar levels.


5. Helps necessary drugs make it to the colon.

Again, blue agave found in tequila benefits the colon. For people with diseases affecting their digestive systems, such as Crohn’s Disease, IBS and colitis and even cancer, tequila can help treating these 


6. Aids in getting better sleep. 

Relaxation is one of the positive side effects of drinking tequila. 

A small amount (1 to 1.5 ounces) before bedtime can reportedly help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.


7. Serves as a drug delivery system.

Yes, tequila helps to deliver drugs to your body. Not the ones you’re thinking about, of course! 

The acid in your stomach often breaks down drugs before they can reach your intestines, which leads to reduced effectiveness. Tequila serves as a protective barrier for these drugs as they work their way into your system.


8. Lowers the chances of developing dementia.

Dementia is a general term for a decline in mental ability, severe enough to interfere with daily life. And drinking a moderate amount of tequila can lower the incidence of dementia later in life.


9. Helps numb pain.

Now, you may say every alcohol is capable of that. But tequila is proven to dilate the blood vessels, resulting in better blood flow. 

And one certainly forgets the emotional pain as well!


10. Helps in fighting cholesterol.

Studies have shown that tequila can break down dietary fat, which can indeed help lower LDL levels i.e. the bad cholesterol in your body. 


11. It doesn’t give you a hangover. Never ever!

This is only if you are drinking 100% agave tequila. 


Once you pop, the fun don’t stop!