Whenever I get bored sitting on the work desk, I shut down my laptop, grab a cup of tea and scroll through some positive posts on Instagram. The dull monotonous routine gets a kick of motivation and many a time, even fitness inspiration.

Just recently, we also talked about spotting this mysterious profile of one Kiran Parara who puts up fitness and lifestyle posts, all of which revolve around the number 12. With just about 30 posts up, she’s got a following of 4.7k followers already! People on social media were making their own assumptions and trying to figure out the identity of this woman who seems to have a fixation with the hashtag #BaaraKaNaara.

Yup, if you’ve seen these posts carefully, they both feature exactly 12 things. This was just to give you a l’il preview of the lady’s craze for twelve…

Well, thanks to an Insta-break, I’ve finally seen who Kiran Parara is and found out her intentions behind all things baara. Have a look yourself.

Now that was surprising, right? 

More so, because what she stands for is something all us women tend to forget. The number 12 here is actually the right level of haemoglobin women should have. Maintaining your blood health and keeping a check on haemoglobin levels is very essential but thanks to our hectic routines and even worse eating habits, we often end up forgetting about it.

IMO, the message that Kiran is trying to put across is what everyone should swear by. After all, a little exercise, wholesome meals and the daily dose of iron supplements is all that you need to ensure for a healthy haemo-level. In case you’re a forgetful human like me, don’t worry, ’cause #BaaraKaNaara revolution has just begun!

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