In association with Dettol

If we all had microscopes for eyes and took a look around our houses, we might just throw up. It goes without saying that, hygiene is a way of life – *my mom nods in approval* 

Though I consider myself in the Monica from Friends camp when it comes to cleaning, some things do tend to remain germ-ridden even if you’ve just cleaned it!  And yes, it came as a shock when I found out how gross these 6 household items actually are.  

So, here are 6 items in our houses that might not be as clean as they look.

1. Pillows! 

If you’re one of those people who pull their pillow over their face to feel snug and warm (or even just cry), you might want to do the same thing by sticking your face in the toilet. Because pillows are nasty breeding grounds for germs, dead skin cells and dust mites – yes, even if you change your pillow cover thrice a day. 

2. Doorknobs 

I must say, doorknobs feel quite left out when it comes to cleaning. So they take revenge on us by transforming into the most germ-ridden sneaky monsters. Even when we do pay attention to them (ummm maybe during Diwali safai) they still remain germ ridden.That’s just mean.

3. Sofa

A lazy Sunday afternoon on the sofa, my favourite show on TV, and a bajillion germs – perfect. It goes without saying that sofas are the most difficult furniture pieces in the house to clean. And when we do clean them by vacuuming and dusting or washing the covers, they still are safe houses for germs and bacteria. But hey, have fun this Sunday. 

4. Carpets and rugs

Rich people, I have to let you know that there’s nothing more disgusting than wall to wall carpeting. And rugs. On an average, 200,000 bacteria live in each square inch of carpeting, which is 700 times more than your toilet seat. OMG. 

5. Kitchen sponges

While you pride yourself on your cleanliness and washing dishes is your therapy, kitchen sponges are the dirtiest item in you homes! Statistics say that kitchens have more germs than bathrooms. *slow claps*

6. Dining table  

The center of the house with all the food on it, might look spic and span but it is a dirt farm.Yeah. How are we even alive at this point?

I think we all should just start living in our bathrooms, since they seem to be the cleanest place in the house now. However, whenever I think of cleaning and channeling my inner Monica from Friends – the only thing that comes to mind is Dettol. 

And they might just be coming out with something really revolutionary on the 16th of this month, to make difficult household items germ free! Good news is on its way, and you can finally be carefree while crying into your pillow every night.