When it comes to sex education, all we’re told is that sex is ‘Tauba Tauba‘. Instead of warning us about how our bodies will change, we’re told to be wary of men, and how abstinence is our safest bet. Never are we taught about body positivity or how our bodies will change and that’s totally normal when it comes to female bodies. 

Thanks to this ignorance early on in life, a lot of women learn to live with unanswered questions, a mind full of doubts and serious self-esteem issues. From having uneven breasts to daily discharge, women often undergo things that are completely normal. But instead of feeling normal, they question their bodies and develop serious body consciousness. 

So ladies, here are some things your body does that are totally normal: 

1. You have hair around your nipples.

We have oil glands and hair follicles all over our body, hence, it’s perfectly normal if there are a few hair strands on your nipples. It can happen due to hormonal fluctuations in your body and sometimes, certain medications can hasten this development. But all things considered, it’s totally normal.

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2. Your breasts don’t match.

Oh, wait! You serious? Well, it might surprise you a little, but our bodies are not symmetrical at all. If your right breast is smaller than your left one or vice versa, it’s perfectly normal. If for some beautiful reason, they are symmetrical, then you’ve been blessed with some really good genes, girl.


3. Your breasts are saggy.

With age, your skin loses its elasticity. A lot of other factors such as smoking, breastfeeding, and rapid weight loss can also contribute to saggy breasts. But fret not because it’s totally normal.


4. Your vagina smells.

Trust me, it’s okay for your vagina to have a distinct smell. Our vaginas have a natural scent and as long as it does not smell like rotting fish, it’s perfectly fine. When it starts to smell fishy, go to your doctor and get it checked. It might be a nasty infection or it might just be hormones playing around. 

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5. You have vaginal discharge.

A clear, white-ish discharge on a regular basis is actually healthy. It’s our vagina’s way to keep itself clean. However, you should be concerned if the discharge changes colour.

In aspects of cleaning your vagina, it’s always recommended that you use warm water to clean it instead of applying soap. Our vaginas maintain its own pH scale but when it comes in contact with soap, it changes its pH level, making it prone to infections. 


6. Your vagina feels dry.

You’re turned on, but not feeling very wet down there? Fret not, it’s totally normal for some women to be dry at certain points of time. If this problem is keeping you from enjoying sex, you can always ask your partner to use lubricant. If the problem persists and becomes cumbersome, we suggest you see your gynecologist soon. 


7. You can hear your vagina fart after sex. 

Vaginal farts are more common than you’re made to believe. They are called ‘Queefs’ and they happen for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, they occur when air gets into the vagina and then gets out. If it happens during sex, all you got to do is make your partner aware of it, if they aren’t already. However, if it happens while doing physical exercises or if it bothers you, try practising Kegels. 

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8. You can feel bumps on your vagina. 

Totally normal. The bumps you feel on your vagina are probably the ingrown hair. It happens when you’ve either waxed or shaved recently and the hair starts growing inward. However, always be on the lookout to see if these bumps hurt or not. If they do, it could be a case of folliculitis or some other dermal infection. In that case, you might want to get it checked by a doctor. 

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9. Your labia looks odd. 

Thanks to porn, vaginal creams, and other vaginal beautification treatments, we’ve come to believe that our vagina should look a certain way. It should be small, petite and clean with a fine labia. But sadly, that’s not the truth. Every vagina looks and feels different, especially our labium. As opposed to what people might have you believe, having a labia that’s flappy and big is totally normal. If they look disproportionate, it’s still fine. If your labium is small, it’s okay. 


10. First time sex can be painful. 

When you’re having sex for the first time, it is bound to be a little uncomfortable. Your vagina has never experienced anything like it. So it needs a little getting used to, to eventually be comfortable. However, if the pain continues, it’s time you saw your gynecologist. 


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