You may be familiar with the word ‘menopause’ but surprisingly not many women know much about it. A woman’s body goes through a plethora of changes in a lifetime. While we may curse our menstrual cycles, like everything in life, it doesn’t last forever. And that is menopause. 


So why does this happen? When does it happen? 

Menopause is like the retirement of our ovaries. It is, in fact, that day (12 months after a woman’s final menstrual period) when the ovaries are no longer producing any eggs. Generally, it is experienced by women of age group 45-55. So while menopause may be that one day only, the transition up to menopause can take several years and it is not just limited to hot flushes. 


Here are all the facts about menopause that you must know, no matter your age, to prepare you better. 

Menopause can hit really early too. Menopause, especially perimenopause can start even in your late 20s. Perimenopause is really stressful and needs to be handled well.

A lot of factors affect menopause and every woman has a different experience. Thus it’s best to know what factors might affect your body.

 We assume that only women go through changes in their body. Few people know that men too are prone to these bodily changes.

Watch this video to decode the dreaded ‘M’ word.

Design credit: Vineet Kumar