Opting for the right health insurance plan for you and your family can be a serious decision-making task. Mostly, people buy health insurance with the sole objective of saving tax but fail to consider the importance of buying a comprehensive medical insurance plan. Keep in mind these 6 things to make a better choice when it comes to buying health insurance.   

1. One must have individual health insurance even if the company offers a corporate group health cover. 

2. While selecting a Sum Insured a person needs to keep in mind the current day costs. 

3. It is always better to move from one insurer to another through porting rather than buying a new plan. Porting helps to get the benefits of old plan transferred to the new plan. 

4. Buying a health cover as early in life as possible can help one get the benefits of no-claims bonus and add up to the original coverage every claim-free year. 

5. Buy a health cover which gives you lifetime renewability. Your aim is to have a health cover at older ages when you will have ailments and that protection is possible only if your policy offers lifetime renewability.

6. Always buy a health cover that gives lifetime renewability.  

Your health insurance plan is not only a way to save tax. Make sure you choose one wisely.