In association with Droom

As a child, I used to love making soap bubbles every time I washed my hands. But that was then. Now, I just wash my hands to save my life. 

Even though this pandemic came as a rude shock to all of us, it did reveal our widespread disregard for hygiene and cleanliness. But given the circumstances, no amount of cleaning and sanitisation seems enough. There’s a constant fear of contracting the virus, and my OCD is out of control. 

Thankfully, we can all breathe now, because Droom has come out with an antimicrobial coating for surfaces, called Germ Shield, which claims to give us 99.99% protection. And not just that. The coating also promises to not let any germs, bacteria, molds, fungus or viruses grow for 90-120 days! 

The coating creates spikes which can destroy the membrane of any microorganism and has been certified by FICCI Research and Analysis Centre. The best part is, it creates equally effective coating on all surfaces including porous ones such as fabric, leather etc. And guess what? It’s odourless and doesn’t even leave any spots. Isn’t that great? 

So whether it’s our cars and bikes, furniture, or our electrical appliances. You name it, and it’s done. We can finally breathe a sigh of relief because our surroundings and belongings will be clean and virus-free for 3-4 months. Wow, that feels like such a blessing! Check out the video here to see what our favourite celebs have to say about it.

With each Germ Shield coating treatment, Droom conducts a Relative Light Unit swab test to detect the contamination level. In fact, Droom even issues a 3 months validity certificate after the treatment along with offering a 100% money-back guarantee. We can avail the services at our doorstep, using the Droom’s Eco app. You can simply visit their official website for more information. And even better news, they’re having a flash sale on the 26th of August from 10AM onwards with a new deal every hour at a crazy starting price of Rs. 99!

It’s such a relief to know that we can now fight this pandemic and ensure our safety, more efficiently with Droom’s Germ Shield. It’s time to beat the virus and own 2020 after all.