Since sticking to a diet and being fit has always been a struggle for me, I follow a lot of health and fitness bloggers on Instagram. Because sometimes, even looking at those posts with unattainable goals can do the job.

Two days back, during one such Insta-scroll, I came across this lady called Kiran Parara. For someone who’s joined the platform just a week ago, she has an insane 1.8k followers already. Wonder why? I think it’s because of the myriad mix of posts about food, health, lifestyle and her unexplained craze for the number 12. Almost all of her posts feature 12 things and her apparently favourite hashtag #BaaraKaNaara. Have a look.

Breakfast goals be like…

Well, that does look appetizing. #HealthySnackingFTW

Yes, those are 12 different kinds of fruit juices! Got the fixation with baara yet?

And again, 12 travel essentials…

There are a couple of other posts that revolve around the number 12 and I have absolutely no clue what her idée fixe about the hashtag is. Is it something to do with her birthday? A revolution or organization in the making? The last digits of her Aadhaar? (I know a friend who has made it her password, so you never know!) 

Even RJs on the radio are going berserk and trying to predict this secret. Hear it attentively the next time for you might get a clue or two. At the end of the day, all one can do is guess and wonder. The answer lies with the woman herself. 

So, hey Kiran Parara, if you’re reading this, tell us the secret of #BaaraKaNaara already! 

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