Trigger Warning: The content in this article contains instances of depression and might be triggering. Reader discretion is advised. 

Depression is not just a morose “low-phase” in your life, it’s much more than that. From mood swings to curbing the ability to carry out everyday tasks, depression is an ailment that has the force to affect each and every aspect of your existence. 


In a recent Twitter thread that has now gone viral, the well redound author M. Molly Backes openly talks about the under-discussed effects of depression. 

She particularly talks about one of the most challenging symptoms of depression, the inability to carry out small tasks. In the series of tweets, she terms these as the “impossible tasks”. 

She further talks about how crippling it feels when you’re unable to do something that once came easy to you.

The thread also addressed how the “impossible tasks” can change with time. She further explains how you can suddenly become uncomfortable with doing a task that you just finished. 

Backes goes on to advise people who’re dealing with depression to be gentle on themselves. She further requests people how to help their loved ones who’re suffering from depression. 

Twitter users from all over the world resonated with Backes’ explanation of the “impossible task”. They thanked her for putting these feelings into words: 

If you know a loved one who’s battling depression, ask them what their “impossible task” is and help them get through it.