Acne is one of the most common skin conditions that every one has had to deal with at some point in their lives. So without further ado. Here are a few tips to give you that flawless skin that you have always wanted.

1. Avoid touching the pimple.

This is rule number one and you better take it seriously. Don’t pop your pimples or touch your face. Be patient with your zits. 

Why: Pimples have bacteria in them that can spread to other pores and cause infections.

2.  Wash your face before sleeping.

Keep your face clean before retiring for the night whether or not you have acne. Avoid using a harsh soap or rubbing your skin vigorously with a towel. 

Why: This will help in removing daily impurities, dust and dead skin cells that settle on the face through the day.

3. Say ‘bye bye’ to make-up.

Too much make-up or wearing make-up daily can cause acne. Avoid using foundation or powder. If you really need to put make-up, opt for ‘noncomedogenic’ products or oil free products that won’t cause acne. 

Why: Make-up can make inflammations worse by clogging skin pores.

4. Keep yourself hydrated.  

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water through the day. Have at least 8-10 glasses of water. 

Why: Water helps in washing out toxin waste from the body and keeping your system clean. Remember, your skin needs hydration too.

5.  Watch what you apply on your hair.

Avoid using too much oil, hair gel or other chemical hair products. Oily hair can leave you with an oily face. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner for your hair. 

Why: Oil and hair gel can block skin pores and cause skin irritation when they reach your face.

6. Cut down on the sugar.

Yup, avoid packaged drinks, smoothies, sodas or any other sugar based products like cakes, ice-creams as much as you can. 

Why: Sugar can increase the insulin which in turn can stimulate hormones that give rise to pimples.

7. Eat the right thing.

This is pretty obvious. Stay away from fried food and junk food. Add fruits, vegetables, grains and pulses to your diet. In short, eat fresh and eat healthy. 

Why: Research shows that processed food raises blood sugar levels which causes rise in the insulin, hence, the acne breakout.

8. Avoid dairy products.

Avoid having too many dairy products like milk or ice-cream. You can have yogurt though because it contains pro-biotics which help reduce the inflammation.

Why: Research shows that milk has a hormone IGF-1 which can increase skin problems and inflammation. Sebum is also produced by diary products that can make skin oily.

9. Exercise regularly. 

Even a 30 minute jog or exercise can make a huge difference to your skin but remember to shower afterwards.

Why: Exercising increases blood circulation which sends more oxygen to skin cells. It also helps in removing toxic waste from the skin.

10. Wear sunscreen always.

Whether you have acne or not, use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher and leave it on for at least 20 minutes before heading out. Try not to be in the sun for a long time. 

Why: The sun’s UV rays can increase redness, inflammation or discoloration. It’s true!

11. Moisturize after a wash. 

Make sure you keep your skin moisturized even if your skin is naturally oily. Opt for a non-comedogenic moisturizer.

Why: Moisture from the skin fights with the bacteria that produces acne, samjhe!

12. Just chill !

Stress and skin disorders go hand in hand. Try keeping calm. Engage yourself in recreational activities.

Why: Cells that produce sebum go unregulated when in stress and hence, can be a cause for acne toh tension nahi lene ka!

13. Sip on some green tea.

You can try having some green tea or applying it directly to your skin on the affected areas. 

Why: Green tea helps to get rid of toxins when consumed and it can also reduce acne inflammation when applied to the skin.

14. Use clean pillow covers.

This is something that we generally don’t think about but pillowcases must be changed and cleaned on a daily basis at least twice every week.

Why: Pillowcases collect dirt and sweat from your hair which can cause your pores to clog when you rest your head on it.

15. Get some good sleep.

Erratic sleep time or lack of sleep is not healthy for your skin. At least 7-8 hours of sleep is needed. 

Why: Lack of good sleep can cause stress and increase acne breakouts. Toh netflix thoda kam karo!

These tips will surely make your skin healthier and give you blemish-free skin making you feel more confident. Try it out yourself and thank us later!