With all the work being done on laptops and digital screen nowadays, it has become very important to take good care of the eyes. These 10 tips will help you reduce eye strain and damage to your eyesight:

1. Maintain one arm’s distance from your laptop.


2. Rest your eyes for at least 5-10 minutes at regular intervals. 


3. Adjust the brightness of your laptop screen to prevent your eyes from straining.


4. Keep blinking at regular intervals.

5. Reduce the glare on your screen so that your eyes are not fatigued from the constant staring.


6. Enlarge the text and adjust the screen settings of your laptop. 


7. Buy glare reducing glasses.  


8. Get your laptop a blue light blocking screen protector.


9. Gaze at an object 20 feet away from you at regular intervals. 

10. Make sure the lighting around your work space is good.


 Take good care of your eyes, pal!