We compare doctors to gods in our country. Every time something wrong goes with our body, it’s definitely that doctor’s visit that makes us feel safe. Nonetheless, not every experience is good and comforting. People on Reddit are sharing the most unprofessional thing a doctor has ever said to them- Honestly, some stories are blood-boiling.  

1. “Just last year when I was diagnosed with brain cancer. The guy walks into the room to chat about my diagnosis and the first thing out of his mouth was “so, I hear you’ve been talking to another doctor”, all passive/aggressive tone.”


2. “When I was 15 my mom took me to the gynecologist. He told me to get on the scale to check my weight. He then looked me up and down and said ‘You’re underweight, but better stay like that. You’re very attractive, it suits you. At the time I was dealing with an ED and starving myself.”


3. “When my wife had her first post-baby appt, they had to check her stitches. My wife asked how it’s healing, he said it was very nice and if she ever wanted to be a labia model, she would make a lot of money.”


4. “Psychiatrist told me it was all in my head No fucking shit it’s in my head, that’s why I’m seeing you!”


5. “Not sure if it was the most unprofessional thing but I had a fella recently who was examining my wife (for a possible knee replacement) while I was in the room tell her to ‘spread your legs like you were having sex’.”


6. ‘My best friend went from an A cup to a DDD bra in about a year when we were having back problems. She went in for a consultation for breast reduction and the (female) doctor said she wouldn’t even consider doing surgery on someone that young (19 at the time) because any decision about her breasts needed to include her future husband (she wasn’t even dating anyone at the time).” 


7. “A young girl like yourself shouldn’t be wasting her life being depressed and anxious, you really need to be getting over this by now. This was after I told him I have trouble answering the phone because of social anxiety and he just chuckled and said that statement, which made me feel horrible.”


8. “I went to a new OB/GYN and she’s examining me and I feel a weird sensation. Not painful, just odd. I said, “What are you doing?” and she replied, “I’m tilting your uterus. Some women find this pleasurable.” I was left wondering if I had been violated in some way so that was the last time I saw her. In the 15 years since (including childbirth) have never had another doctor do that.”


9. “Told my doctor that my ears had been itching like hell for months, and he told me to just stick my finger in there.”


10. “For breast exams he said my boob is too small for breast cancer. (Not joking but sounds like a bad dirty joke lol)”


11. “We went to the specialist and he was 90 min late. He came in, was a dick, and signed off that our son was all good. When we were leaving, his assistant apologized for the waiting and the doc snapped ‘Don’t apologize to them, I’m the doctor, they should wait for me and be happy that I showed up’.”


12. “A doctor once asked me why I don’t see a gynecologist for general health issues. Dude legit thought gynecologists are just general doctors for women.”


13. “The doctor didn’t say this to me, but he told my dad, The reason you are diabetic is that you’re a fatass.”


14. “My gynecologist told me I should go to “this self-help group for sexually frustrated women” to cure my asexuality.”


15. “Not life-threatening, just rude. I asked my cardiologist if I could occasionally have a shot of whiskey. He said, ‘I like whiskey, too, but you can’t afford my whiskey’.”


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