Most of us don’t really pay attention to our private parts, but let’s face it, vaginal health is crucial to a woman’s overall well-being. Long-term vaginal distress can affect your relationship with your partner, lower your self-confidence and even induce stress and none of us want that. So, here are a few signs that one shouldn’t ignore because your vagina needs to be given the same hygienic attention as any other part of your body.

1. Irritation or Dryness 

When the harmful bacteria outnumber the good bacteria in the vagina, the imbalance manifests itself through the physical symptoms of itching and burning. These symptoms can be created both inside and outside the vagina, which may involve flaking of the skin and irritation associated with mature skin which could also lead to uncomfortable intercourse.

2. Bad Odor

A healthy vagina has its own odor but a bad odor with extra discharge can be a sign of bacterial vaginosis that is caused by an overgrowth of bacteria and an imbalance of the pH balance of the vagina.

3. Irregular Discharge

If your discharge looks like cottage cheese and has a yellow or white consistency, you may have a yeast infection. The only way to prevent this is by drinking lots of water and eating yogurt.

4. Burning Sensation 

The burning sensation while urinating can be a sign of a UTI (urinary tract infection) and is often caused by having sex, but it can be easily treated with antibiotics (consult your gynecologist for that).

5. Blisters

Yes, you read it right. This is mostly a sign of a sexually transmitted diseases, Herpes and this must be treated immediately.

6. Irregular Bleeding

Bleeding or spotting that occurs when you’re not menstruating can be a hormonal imbalance often caused by birth control methods or even stress. Bleeding after sex can be a sign of cervical cancer, and you should see your gynecologist right away.

A healthy vagina equals to a healthy you.