Vanilla essential oil is a solvent obtained from the beans of Vanilla planifolia vine and is widely utilised in aromatic therapies, baking and perfumery. However, there are many other benefits of Vanilla essential oil that makes it a wonder ingredient.  

1. Vanilla essential oil is rich in antioxidants that keep the immune system of the body intact. 

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2. Vanilla essential oil contains a component called vanillin that can help one calm down and induce positivity in a person. 


3. A few drops of vanilla essential oil on the pillow will help you have a sound sleep.  

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4. Vanilla essential oil is capable of increasing estrogen levels in the body which ensures regular menstruation and reduces PMS symptoms.

5. Rubbing vanilla essential oil can relieve a toothache. However, don’t use it as a permanent solution. 


6. Vanilla essential oil helps stimulate testosterone that can improve libido and address sexual deficiencies. 


7. Inhaling the warm and sweet aroma of vanilla essential oil can reduce your cravings for sugary desserts.