Itchy beard is a common occurrence that most men with facial hair go through. Beard itch is a real bitch and the discomfort it produces is inevitable. However, there are plenty of ways to deal with it. So, here are 6 remedies that will help you find relief.

1. Don’t shampoo, use a conditioner instead.

You can shampoo your beard once in a week but don’t over do it. Shampoo can strip the beard hair and skin of its natural oils. Use a conditioner instead to effectively clean your skin and to make your beard soft.

2. Dry your beard properly.

If you don’t dry your beard properly, it can lead to skin drying out, hair becoming brittle and itchiness which is hard to get rid of. Thoroughly dry pat your beard and get into the base to absorb any excess water. Just avoid being rough as it can damage the hair.

3. Let the hair grow.

Avoid shaving or trimming so that the hair can advance beyond the follicle. Doing so, will reduce the risk of irritation, itchiness and follicle damage.

4. Use a beard oil.

If there is one product that can fight the itch, it’s the beard oil. Apply beard oil regularly, if you want your beard to be well moisturized, soft, flake free, itch free, clean, healthy and strong. However, don’t overuse it as it can lead to skin reactions, allergies and burns.

5. Clean your linen often.

Well, your pillow case collects dust, dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells. When these pollutants make their way into your beard and skin, it leads to itchiness. So, make sure you clean your linen on a regular basis.

6. Comb your beard.

Comb your beard to increase blood flow and stimulate the growth of hair follicles. Regular combing, will remove weak hairs that can cause irritation and itchiness.

Take good care of your beard.