It is Friday night and you make plans to chill with your friends post work. 

You have earned it, what with the tiring, hectic week, eh? 

So you down a beer, then another, then some more. Someone calls for shots. It is a great night. You reach home after stuffing yourself some late night rolls from the street and fall asleep the moment you hit the bed. The next morning you wake up in a dizzy, head hurting, body tired, and a listless state of mind. 

You want to sleep more, but no can’t do. Because it is Saturday. 


You spend the Sunday in bed with a hangover. 

And then the week begins again. A week of not-have-had-enough sleep, constant tiredness, and what looks like a very long wait for Friday again. 

Turns out #EatSleepRaveRepeat is not that exciting after all. Nor is #EatSleepWorkRepeat.


Because what is not said is that there is always an easting-at-odd-hours, not-ever-sleeping-enough, raving-a-little-too-hard, working a little too much (so much so that it feels that it is the ONLY thing we do 5 days out of seven). The Repeat, as it goes without saying, is just a perpetual wait for Friday that we all constantly seem to be doing.

At work, our butts are glued to the chair for seven out of eight hours. 

Many of us are now early victims of neck and back related issues, and a hearty belly to go with it. We sit a lot, and not move for hours at stretch – necks bent over a laptop or a phone, backs slouched, hands angled. And we are too busy with work to care about our body posture. And some of us are not even aware what that does to our bones. 


Let’s just say it: we treat our bodies like crap.

Do we for one moment think about what this whole bruhaha does to our minds and bodies?

There is a reason why our mothers are constantly worrying about whether we are eating on time, taking care of ourselves, getting enough rest; it is because they know we aren’t. 

How can we anyway? Staying away from home (as many of us do) is hard enough already, and then the sheer effort of going to the gym, managing our social lives, catching the newest shows, keeping up on what is happening in everyone’s lives on Facebook (and Instagram, and Snapchat, and Whatsapp Stories, and Tinder), and find time for our mental/physical/emotional health? Yeah right. 


Because isn’t it too much effort to drink more water? Eat healthily? Take some time out for something as simple as running? Get some exercise in the routine? Drink in moderation and not too much? Have a balanced social, professional, and personal life? Go for routine check ups? Find some time for breakfast? Sleep on time?  Eat on time? Eat fruits? Boost immunity with over-the-counter supplements? Don’t wait to go to the doctor when you detect something is off? Take medicines properly? Talk to people? Keep in touch with your parents? Do things that don’t involve you looking into your phone? Or maybe simply take a damn break? 

Too. Much. Effort. 


And even if there is motivation to hit the gym, take up a dance class, or wake up in the morning to take a jog, for some reason, our generation just doesn’t have enough time to do everything we want. We are always losing out on something or the other. 

In the battle to keep the boss, friends, lover, family happy…we miss out on time for ourselves.

So we are happy being sluggish, lazy, unhappy, whiny, irritable, unproductive, tired, sacks – who are just waiting for the weekend.


Studies show that germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms that infect your body and make us ill are slowly resisting the medication we take to counter them. Add to that our collective unhealthy lifestyle, and the fact that more people are getting critically sick way younger in life than they used to. Life span is any way decreasing if you notice. Every day you switch the news on and hear about freaky news about people dying left, right and center, of the most unexpected reasons.

We obviously can’t control everything (in fact the compulsion to want to control everything is what gets us so all-over-the-place anyway), but we can start small. 


This body that has housed your soul all your life needs to be taken care of and protected. Because think about it, if something were to happen to it, you won’t know life the way you know it. 

We all take our bodies for granted, just like we take the fact that we are alive for granted. I think it is about time we pay a little more respect to how we treat ourselves: pamper not just our souls with all the art, food, music, night outs, shopping, traveling, but also our body with all the right things.

Because if you do, you will find yourself happier, healthier and amped up at the end of each day (because, endorphins). Being concerned and then taking care of your well being will make sure you are a wholesome person, and once you get there you will know the difference it makes to your life.