If you are anything like me, you will know the horror of a headache or panic attack or lethargy or stress attack really well. It just has a way of attacking at the unearthliest and ungodliest of hours, can disarm you and rob you of all the happiness in this world and poop on the best moments of your life. Almost everyone will agree!

And to fight it, most of the time, we just pop in a pill without any medication or live with it to make things worse.

What if we tell you that you can get rid of all the drugs and cure it all without any medicines in just 45 seconds, wherever you are?

All you have to do is find bulge between the two eyebrows on the forehead and press it for 45 seconds.

It is believed the vital energy, qi (chi), that flows through the 12 major meridians in our body connects specific organs, thus organizing a system of communication throughout the body.

One such point is the area between the eyebrows on the forehead. 

The third eye, as it is otherwise known, has the power to reduce muscle tension, improve circulation and to stimulate the brain chemicals called endorphins. The stress relief is one of the key features of this point.”

So what really happens if you press it for 45 seconds?

Not only can it calm your mind, it improves memory, relieves stress, chronic fatigue, headaches, eye strain and insomnia. 

(Now THAT’S exactly what I needed in life!)

It is also believed that it helps relieve sinus pain and congestion. 

Now if you don’t have these problems, you can still go ahead and press this point – it is considered beneficial for spiritual and emotional imbalances as well. Boom!

Time to get rid off those unnecessary meds!