Last year, this time around, we thought that the pandemic will last for a few weeks. While that optimism was shattered soon, none of us thought that 12 months on, we will be in a way worse situation than before. 

The times are such, that going outside, if at all, seems like committing a sin, which must be paid for by taking a holy shower in sanitiser and veiling of the face with two masks – at least.

Basically, one must not touch another human. 


And clean themselves if there is even the slightest chance that they may have.

Now, you must be thinking why I am going through the rules of Covid again? Well, one, because they can’t be reiterated enough. And two, because I wanted a build-up for the topic we are about to cover. 

Build-up reminds me – sex. Great, we are finally on track. Here, we discuss what happens when you go without sex for 3 months or more. 


Almost everyone is stuck at home in this pandemic (a privilege) and very few are stuck with their partners. This means that people are going for months without sex and if science is anything to be believed, this is having a huge effect on their bodies.

As per a report from Insider, not being physically intimate with someone for so long, can lead to ‘skin hunger’, which is a very serious issue. 

It can affect the immune system of the body, lowering it down. It also makes one more prone to experiencing depression and anxiety.


Here, one must take into account the entire spectrum of sexuality and acknowledge that there are people who do not experience sexual desires. For them, things may look a little different.

On the topic of ‘skin hunger’, Dr. Dulcinea Pitagora, a sex therapist tells Insider:

Lack of sexual intimacy, the opposite can occur in the form of detrimental effects to mental, emotional, and physical health resulting in a variety of symptoms; and feelings of isolation, insecurity, and lowered self-esteem.

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Reduced sexual stimulation can also result in dryness of the vaginal walls, which isn’t necessarily a worrisome health issue but still, something to be addressed.

Apart from this, not getting a chance to have sex for too long can adversely impact a person’s sex drive, and when they do have sex again, it may take longer for them to get aroused.

However, these are only temporary issues and will get better with time as things go back to normal again. So no worries.


Moving on, less number of orgasms also has an impact on the body, as they have proven to be effective against sleeplessness, stress, pain etc.

For this reason, it is advised that people masturbate, if they are comfortable with the concept, as it helps release the tension. 


The effects of having someone to be physically intimate with go beyond just the physical implications.

For people, especially those belonging to the queer community, it can help finding others who truly understand their feelings and/or problems.

This is important for a community that is marginalised and a reminder that all of us, irrespective of our sexual identities, need to be more inclusive.

So that’s that about the sex part of things. It is an integral physical activity for most people and while it is tough to go so long without it, unfortunately not much can be done about it. For now, stay inside and stay safe. Hopefully, things will get better soon and you’ll be able to explore once again.