Most people, including me, are scared of the idea of therapy. The first time I stepped into my therapist’s room, it seems a bit overbearing to go to a person to talk to about my feelings. But everyone told me that it will be alright, that it is a slow and frustrating process. To me, therapy was the first step towards accepting my mental health with open arms but it just wasn’t enough. It was saying out load that I am depressed, anxious, bipolar, etc. But therapy alone, didn’t show me the results I needed? So if you too are struggling with therapy and need something more, here are steps that will make the process easier. 

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Give your therapist another chance because therapy does not always show immediate results 

Your therapist is not going to solve all your problems overnight. It is a slow and steady process and is increasingly frustrating. You will not go home happy and content in the beginning, so before you forsake the idea of therapy, ask your therapist a few questions that will clear you mind. 

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For example 

How long should I wait till I begin to see results? 
What’s the treatment method we are using? Can I read up on it? 
This doesn’t seem to be working for me, can we try a different approach? 
Are there any changes I can make to my lifestyle that will help me see better results? 

However, if you are still not feeling challenged, accepted, encouraged and pushed, then you may need to find someone new. 

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It will take at least a few therapists till you find the right fit

Clinical psychologist Dr. Josh Klapow Ph.D. shared with Bustle,”Therapy is like medicine. There are different types of therapy for different conditions.” So just like medicine, therapy is subjective. At the end of the day, you and your therapist are only human, so there is a chance that you just don’t click. 


However, this is no reason for you to give up on the idea of therapy itself. Go to another therapist, as painful as it sounds, and try to find one who truly connects with you. Give your new therapist at least three to four sessions before you make up your mind about them. 

There isn’t just one form of therapy – art therapy, play therapy, music therapy, etc


If the good ol’ conversation isn’t working for you, then you can ask your therapist to recommend a different form of therapy. There are therapists who deal with art, music, play and other physically stimulating forms of therapy that may work. Try finding one that matches your interests and you will definitely begin seeing results. 

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Make lifestyle changes like a new workout, better eating habits alongside your therapy

Therapy is merely a tool to give you the confidence to make your life better. So don’t just rely on that one thing. In addition to your appointments, start making healthy changes. Like joining a gym or a group workout class, eating healthier, making a schedule for yourself, surrounding yourself with nicer people. You can also take up meditation and yoga alongside therapy for your mental health. 

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Read more about your mental health and educate yourself about your own emotions

Therapy is hard work. So do your homework and read up about the therapy you are currently undergoing and also about your own mental illness. Whatever you are struggling with, there are studies and book available about it. So read, educate, equip yourself with the right tools to face this head on. 


Talk to your doctor because it may be time to begin medication

According to research, combining medication with therapy is an effective way to see results. So if you aren’t happy with just therapy, go see a doctor (psychiatrist) and discuss if you require medication. However, at the end of the day, it is up to your doctor to decide if you require pills or not. 

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