If you are someone who thought that the lockdown would send all your unwanted acne on vacation and leave you with a Edward-Cullen glow, join the club.  


But if just like me, your skin chose to betray your expectations and your active acne is now the only thing that’s giving you company while you’re on house arrest, welcome to the club. 


Honestly, pimples are more than just lesions on the surface of your skin, they are indicators of our body functions. Have you ever wondered what the placement of your pimple means? 


Well, after some research we have come up with an acne face map to answer all your questions about the placement of these unwanted parasites:  

1. Acne around your hairline 

If you have started developing acne around your hairline or surrounding your temples, chances are that you need to review your haircare products. Certain hair products have a few ingredients that trap the natural oil or sebum in our hair follicles and don’t let them escape. This clogs your pores and results in breakouts across your hairline. 

2. Forehead 

For a lot of people, the T-zone can be an oily acne war-zone. But did you know that stress and lack of sleep can start physically manifesting itself in the form of acne on your forehead? In many cases, breakouts in this area can also be linked to your gut health and indicate that you’re having a tough time breaking down certain foods and could also reflect your liver functions.

3. Nose 

According to Teen Vogue, the breakouts on your nose are usually related to your heart health. But if your acne is flaring up at the side on your nose, then that could indicate some hormonal fluctuations too. 

To avoid nose acne, you could cut down on spicy food and the consumption of meat for some time.

4. Tiny transparent bumps under your eyelids. 

If you notice transparent white-head lookalikes under your eyelid, don’t try to pop them because they’re technically not pimples but cysts. Popping them will cause further inflammation. This condition is called Milia and is caused by a harmless buildup of keratin or protein under your skin. 

5. Between your eyebrows 

According to various dermatologists, this is the zone where food allergies first reveal themselves. In many cases, waxing this sensitive area might also result in triggering the acne. 

6. Cheeks

If you’re a smoker and have noticed acne around your cheeks, chances are that your nicotine consumption is causing breakouts on your cheeks. The cheek area is directly related to your respiratory wellness. In some cases, this could also indicate dietary changes and excessive consumption more dairy or sugar could be a factor.

In other cases, cheek acne is also stress-induced or could indicate early signs of allergies. They could also be a result of some kind of friction or unclean pillowcases and phone screens. 

7. Chin and Jawline 

If you have acne that’s forming a trail around your lower cheek, chin, and jawline then you’re facing something that’s called the ‘hormonal pattern’. Acne in or around this area can be an indicator of hormonal imbalance in your body and can also reflect poor gut health.This pattern of breakouts is also one of the most common symptoms of PCOS.

BRB, consulting a dermatologist right away.