Have you noticed those people who are always out of tune from everyone else, sitting in utter discomfort, feeling either too cold or too hot?

They can be annoying. 

I have, too, been that annoying person. I feel cold sometimes in peaking summers and so I sit in my room with the fan and AC switched off for long hours. 

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But have you wondered why does this happen to people? Turns out there is a legit reasoning behind it. And one’s health could be one of the major reasons.

According to HealthBlurbs reports, issues such as anemia, malnutrition, infection, weight issues (being both underweight and overweight poses various symptoms) and even silent thyroiditis can result in extreme body temperatures. Consulting a doctor on a regular basis can help regulate this.

Another reason could be that you’re way too stressed out. According to Women’s Health reports, fighting, heavy workloads and busy schedules could be the cause for our discomfort in normal temperatures.

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Biologically, if you’re stressed, a fight or flight response is generated by your autonomic nervous system that causes blood to move toward your body’s core organs. 

Another case of this is when a person is feeling isolated, alone and depressed, they are more inclined towards feeling the shivers. The opposite is true for the times we feel connected and more social. One feels warm when surrounded by people they love spending time with. 

There are a few ways to avoid feeling extra hot and very, very cold. 

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According to reports by Alternet, everything from the clothes we wear to the food we eat plays a role in how our bodies adapt to the temperature. So, the right veggies and greens, weather specific, can keep our temperature under control and help us feel comfortable. Also, visualizing warmer places if you have been feeling too cold and vice-versa is actually proven to release chemical endorphins that assist in maintaining body temperature.