There are countless items in this world that are exorbitantly expensive, and some of them are so for no apparent reason. There are pricey items whose price tag simply baffles you. 

And today we discovered a pillow that falls into that category. You did read that accurately, I assure you. How costly could a necessity possibly be? This one seems improbable in the extreme.

Amar Ujala

A Netherlands-based physiotherapist created a pillow that sells for a startling $57,000. (Rs 45 lakh). The pillow was made by Thijs van der Hilst over the course of fifteen years. Reportedly, it is made of Egyptian cotton, contains Mulberry silk, and has non-toxic Dutch memory foam within.

Along with the pricey fabrics, the pillow is also embellished with sapphires, diamonds, and 24-carat gold, four of which line the zip. Plus, a robotic cotton milling machine produces the cotton inside. 

Of course, something like this pillow won’t be packed in the same random box as the usual ones. This pillow will come in a box with branding on it. According to Thijs van der Hilst, it will promote restful sleep for those who suffer from insomnia.

Oklahoma Otolaryngology Associates

Twitter isn’t now responding to the news as it typically does, possibly because it has finally been shocked by something.

Meanwhile, every purchaser will receive a unique version of this pillow. A 3D scanner will be used to precisely measure the subject’s neck, head, and shoulders. Then, using sophisticated robotic machine mills, it will be filled with Dutch memory foam that conforms to the shape of the user’s skull.