So, there’s been a global pandemic and we’re all freaking out. The novel coronavirus has altered the very fabric of our existence in one fell swoop. 

We’re stocking up our homes with food and hand sanitisers and taking the best possible precautions we can to avoid contacting the virus. But in times of this crisis, when we are already confused and don’t know what the hell is going on, one of the biggest concerns is contracting the virus without us realising it. And it’s even scarier because we cannot see it. So how do we get rid of them before it affects us? 

Relax! American YouTuber, engineer, and inventor, Mark Rober has come out with a video where he explains everything we need to know about germs, through easy experiments. And trust us! You’ll feel a lot better after watching how easy it is to stay safe and far away from Coronavirus. Check it out. 

So take a chill pill and enjoy your quarantine period!