His presence in a room could easily go unnoticed.

A high-school chemistry teacher who was way too over qualified for his job. A man who believed his end was near and was worried for the future of his family. And in those dire circumstances, he decided to take control of his life and even though his decisions are morally questionable, he is not just a bad guy.

Walter White is probably the greatest anti-hero we've ever seen on television and there is no way one can argue with that.

In the process of earning big bucks and tasting power through his alter ego, Heisenberg, he finds his addiction. He understands the power his name holds and from then on, there is no turning back.

The show is about drugs and it's a business that runs on demand. The addiction is such that the demands never slows down and same is the case with Heisenberg's ego. As his product takes over the drug market, he finds himself addicted to power.

When he started his meth business, $737,000 was all the money he wanted. But the addiction to power and money got the better of him and he never stopped.

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Through Hank's character, Breaking Bad shows us the struggles of the DEA.

The good guys who are trying to get rid of the bad guys. The men who are trying to remove the anti-social elements from a civil society. And even though we know Walter is doing the wrong thing, we can't help but hope he finds the right way to get out of this mess.

His megalomaniac self takes over his old, meek one. The man could have used his knowledge of chemistry in greater ways but he chose the shortest route to money. His moral code fluctuates ever so often. And after a point, even his wife doesn't recognise him anymore.

What starts off as a business of making drugs soon turns into an empire where pulling triggers to get rid of someone isn't a big deal.

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"I am the one who knocks."

From an underpaid teacher to a man who had millions at his disposal, White had a certain God-like complex about himself.

He finds his worth in something that could bring down the society but he is completely unapologetic about it. His old submissive self wouldn't even think about doing something like that. His medical circumstances didn't push him into the drug business. He chose that path to earn money and in the process, he discovered the drug of power and believed that this is what he was meant to do.

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In a span of less than a year, he went from being a loving family man to someone who didn't blink twice before killing someone.

He is an anti-hero who never knew he had the potential to be one. And that pushed him even more to find his limit!