Alcohol has helped create some of our funniest memories. In fact, it has made great dancers and singers out of people who would have otherwise never talked in public. The word 'Cheers' has warmed our hearts whenever we lifted our glasses in celebration. It's one of the liquids that makes your heart solid (for whatever amount of time) and lets you loosen up, before you brace yourself to face it all over again.

Here are a few memes that would make every alcohol lover nod some, and laugh some.

The way to good health.

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When "No" is not an acceptable answer.

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*Slurs* "I'm a fun person!"

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And that's a fair point well made

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There are days that call for this too.

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Been there, done that.

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When you have to carry drunk friends home (or vice versa)

Every time.

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Oh, them feels!

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All that downpour of generous love.

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Or any other picture for that matter.

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 Legit much?

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Floor, pavements, staircases, whatever. You just become way too accommodating.

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"That's not how I aimed it." Eh?

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Here's to good times. Cheers!