"I'm going to cut down on smoking."

"I'm so gonna start running now."

"I'm going to read at least 10 books this year."

Every new year, we make certain promises. You know, just to give ourselves something new to look forward to. And it's a good thing and all, but let's be honest here. How many of us actually see them through? 

While most of us give up in the first week itself, there are others who manage to drag it out to the end of the month. But according to data provided by you-know-it's-fucking-true, almost 99% of us fail to keep them. Blame it on adulting, responsibilities or taxes, NY resolutions are really just too hard to keep. 

To pay homage to all our failed resolutions and to give us a jolt of truth before we make the same resolutions again, here are some illustrations. Go ahead, check them out, and laugh heartily 'cause you know they're true:

This time, let's TRY to keep 'em resolutions. 

Illustrations by Aroop Mishra