Ever been in a conversation where a simple 'Wass up?' by the other person felt like the toughest viva question in some final exam of electrical engineering? If yes, then you are in luck because today we are sharing our personal experience with you guys on how to deal with these awkward moments.

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1. Make sure you greet them right. Remember first impression is the last impression  

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2. Try knowing the person through personal questions, but don't be creepy

"Hi, I didn't get your name" will soon build into "Oh, so you like Coke more than Pepsi?". Show them that you are interested. Ask questions about their profession, family, love interest, hobbies and other such questions (without being creepy) and it will break the ice quite immediately.

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3. Look at what's going around you. Talk about it, maybe?

You are at a wedding with your girlfriend. Suddenly some relatives are coming your way and quite obviously she has to run away (Indian society reference) leaving you with her friends. Don't turn away to your phone to hide the awkwardness just try to talk about the situation. "The food was great right?", "Awesome party", or even a "You know where the bar counter is?" if you are in Delhi.

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4. Cricket and Bollywood can be good options if you're talking to an Indian person

"What amazing form Virat Kohli is going through, man!" or "You saw the trailer of the new Salman Khan movie?". Cricket and Bollywood will work like 99.99% in India. You will have a healthy conversation going just in few minutes.

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5. If nothing else, pop culture is always a good option

Jon Snow's death, Modi's foreign trips, ISIS (why not abuse them while you are at it?) or any upcoming hugely anticipated movie. You have to find the topics according to the situation that will give the other person the scope and interest to indulge in your conversation.

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6. Just because it's called a small talk doesn't mean you have to talk small

Its not just about the questions, you have to be thoughtful while answering too. If the other person asks you something you should never answer with one word. It's the real life version of replying someone with a 'k' and we all know how fatal it is to the conversation.

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7. Make sure your body language is positive

A picture speaks a thousand words but your body language speaks a billion freaking paragraphs. Crossing your hands while talking, not making eye contact, doing an eye-roll (I get that a lot), unnecessarily moving a lot or making a frowned face are some examples of repulsive body language.

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8. Mutual hate is the best catalyst ever. 

Be it for your boss or Osama Bin Laden, ranting will make an instant connection. There is an ancient proverb 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend' which sums this point in the shortest way possible. Find something you both hate together, after all it is the strongest feeling in the world after love. The ranting will enhance the quality of your conversation by miles.

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9. Search for a common ground and exploit it, even if it feels silly

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10. Let the surrounding be your wingman

A poster on the wall, a cute dog passing by, something interesting on the television set or even the clothes they are wearing! There is a conversation topic hidden in almost everything around you. 

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11. Listen carefully and carry the conversation based on what the other person says

Don't just focus on asking things. Listen carefully to the other person's answers you can find many interesting topics and common ground for taking the conversation further.

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12. Always end on a high. "See ya!", "Was great talking to you!" or even a "It was nice lets hangout some time"

No matter how the conversation went, you should always end on a positive note. This might work as a wonder and erase few memories of awkwardness from the whole experience as well!

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 Hope we have given you enough tips to avoid the next awkward session of small talk!