A simple scarf can make your OOTD - Outfit Of The Day, for the uninitiated - look more stylish and suave. Here are 12 creative ways to tie a scarf and create looks that can take any outfit up a notch this winter season.

1. Keep it chic and stylish with the waterfall look.

Source: howrid.com

2. Keep it casual with the knotted necklace look.

Source: www.scarves.net

3. Stir things up by tucking your scarf under the belt over your favourite t-shirt.

Source: howrid.com

4. Make heads turn with the bunny ear look.

Source: fashionpro.me

5. Get the evergreen bandana style back in fashion.

Source: uncuffedleather.com

6. Make a bold statement with this necklace look.

Source: www.scarves.net

7. You just can't go wrong with the classic loop style.

Source: womenslifestyle.com

8. Wear your scarf like a belt. How about that?

Source: in.pintrest.com

9. Wrap a scarf around your messy bun.

Source: abeautifulmess.com

10. Make your scarf a headband and feel the 'boho' vibes.

Source: jewelpie.com

11. Accessorize your plain dress with the braided look.

Source: onecrazyhouse.com

12. Feel like a celebrity with this celebrity loop style.

Source: metromela.com

No doubt, scarves are the best fashion accessory!