There are good years and there are bad years. And then there are years which, like Shah Rukh Khan in this year's mega flop Fan, play the good guy and bad guy in the same film. 2016, was one such year. It divided India like a knife slicing through a cake. 2016 told us that you are either tricolour-saluting, JNU-hating Indian or you are an anti-national. It also told us that building walls around countries is a legible option. If you, like billion others in the world, have unresolved issues with 2016, take our quiz to find out where exactly you stand.

JNU students being targeted in the anti-nationalism debate

Donald Trump elected US President

Britain voted to exit the European Union

Standing in anthems became compulsory in film theatres

Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes were demonetised

Prince died

Raghuram Rajan didn't get an extension

Jayalalithaa died

Tensions escalated between India and Pakistan