Multitasking seems to be a phenomenal way to get a heap of things done at once. While we juggle with different activities at once like a pro and feel like being at top of our A-game, we barely realise that we are messing everything up.


We, humans, are designed to execute one thing at a time. However, in case you still don’t agree, here are some clips that prove to be a strong base for our statements.

1. Ouch!

2. And that is exactly why I don’t multitask!

3. In a war between poles and humans, poles ALWAYS win!

4. Watch where you are going!

5. That must have costed him a BOMB!

6. Why shopping and texting don’t mix well!

7. That signboard was there for reading!

8. Oops!


10. Look up, miss!

Look up, please!