Remember when we were kids and couldn’t wait to grow up? Yeah, we all have our share of fury to vent out on the genius who put that into our minds. Today, there is nothing that we wouldn’t give up to have our mothers tell us to go back to school and feed us three times a day (maybe more). Feeling nostalgic yet? Here are 10 crazy gifs of kids that will make you go ‘Why the hell did I grow up?’

1. Birthdays were SO MUCH FUN! 

Because gifts, cake, friends and more gifts!

2. Getting sh*t done was a cakewalk. 

Mom: “NO” 

You: *Puppy face* 

Mom: OKAY!

3. When we felt like adding personal touches to school performances 

Adding the X-factor since 1989!

4. Trying out new stuff was never intimidating. 

Mom said I could be anything, so I became awesome!

5. When you had to fake a nap, but as soon as mom left…

If only we knew sleep would be all we’d want to do once we grew up! *sigh*

6. When going out with dad used to be the best thing ever!

Because dads never had a rule for the number of ice-creams we bought. *Win!*

7. We never had to think before being ourselves!

How well we dealt with all the BS back then!

8. We had our own set of home hacks. Period

Because we didn’t need a PlayStation to have fun!

9. Hanging out with the squad and making the neighbors cringe used to be the daily target!

Adult chilling scenes aren’t even close!

10. Having zero skills and being happy about it? Absolutely.

Jack of all trades and master of none! *Wink*

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