“You can take an Indian out of India but you can’t take India out of an Indian.” We Indians are a class apart. Granted, we’ve got our own distinct culture, languages and customs. But there some things we do in our daily lives, that are just so uniquely, well… us. You just have to see or hear it, to know, ‘Yep, that’s one of us’.

Here are just a few that we’ve perfected over the centuries:

1. Thoda adjust kijiye

Personal space? Ha! It could be the metro, bus, share auto or group taxi. It could even be a crowded restaurant. Whatever it is. If you’ve got a sliver of space next to you, we will invade it.


2. Tiffin for the plane

Why would you pay for that overpriced airline sandwich when you’ve got familiar, tasty and -most importantly- cheap, home cooked food.

3. Theek theek batao

Trust us to look for a discount even when there isn’t a sale on. Bargaining isn’t us disrespecting the marked price. It’s just that no purchase is ever complete without the traditional haggling over the cost. And we’re all about tradition.


4. Yes, No, Maybe

In the interest of saving time, we’ve devised a gesture for all of the above expressions. Unfortunately, it isn’t very time saving for the poor sap who’s trying to decipher it.

5. Aur dikhao

Whether it’s because we want to make sure we get the best, or because we’re just not sure what to get. We’re just never satisfied with the options we have. It’s a good thing we’ve got Amazon .in to give us exactly what we need.


6. Free dhaniya and mirchi please

Now this we almost expect. If you ask any sane minded Indian, this should be written into the constitution as one of our Fundamental Rights. I pity the sabzi wallah who charges us for this.


7. So, how long will it go?

From cars, to phone batteries. We want to squeeze as much as we can out of anything. Kitna deti hai?

8. Arre dikhao toh

We’re not convinced with someone just telling us about something. Show it to me. Let me touch it. Can’t get no feels without an actual feel.


9. Leaving the plastic on EVERYTHING.

We like new things. And we also like things that look like they’re new. And we’ve figured out the best way to do that. KEEP. THE. PLASTIC. ON.


10. Collecting polythene bags

After every visit to the shops, the plastic packets are kept very safe. You know, just in case we ever need them. What results is a little corner in every Indian home with a big plastic packet stuffed to bursting with hundreds of smaller packets.


All this is what makes us who we are. And we wouldn’t change it one bit. In fact, Amazon.in decided to go along with our ‘Aur dikhao’ itch. Jai Hind!

This article is sponsored by Amazon.in.

Feature Image: ASA100