Sponsored by Cadbury Dairy Milk

We all have that one friend who used to be our BFF for a major part of our lives, but with time, responsibilities tend to drift us apart. Even though you still intend to make time and hang out, just like the good ol’ days, your friend manages to ditch every time. On the contrary, he’ll always be online and will keep tagging you on random memes. It’s time the so-called ‘available’ friend gets served for leaving you hanging. These savage shayaris might come in handy:











If your friend has also not been able to ‘make it’ since eternity, dedicating these shayaris might set them off on a much-needed guilt trip. Although the good thing about having a best friend is that they always come around. It’s not just me, but Cadbury Dairy Milk too believes that this Friendship’s Day, instead of exchanging pleasantries online, you should hang out with your buddy, and enjoy their #RealDosti. 

Relishing all the memories face to face would be way better than sharing it on social media, isn’t it?

Design Credit: Saurabh Rathore