Superpowers are cool, right? They’re supposed to make you superhuman and give you abilities that you could only dream of. But there are a few superheroes out there with even worse powers that slip through the cracks.

In this list, we’ll breakdown 10 of the most useless superpowers in the history of comics. They were heroes that either disappeared over time or just used as the butt of a joke. 

Here are 10 of the worst superpowers in comics that you’ll wish never even existed


She has the power to make sparks fly out her hand! Sparks, seriously? Although, Jubilee was a beloved X-Man, she had absolutely useless powers that never came into any use. Yeah, she did blind The Juggernaut, but for the most part she’s useless in a fight because of her lame powers.


Stilt Man

Daredevil villains are usually badass street thugs or insane gun-wielding maniacs like Bullseye, but Stilt Man was one his worst villains ever. Think about it, his power was the ability to grow taller on mechanical stilts! That’s it. He wasn’t super strong nor did his mechanical stilts give him any added advantage. He was just a lot taller.


Anyone with a name like Sportsmaster is going to be useless. Did he really think that he was going to go up against the likes of Superman and Captain Atom with the power of sports? He is a skilled fighter and all but he’s no Deathstroke, that’s for sure.

Batroc The Leaper

Batroc is a badass fighter but the only real power he has is to jump around a lot. Yeah, you read that right. He was also in the Captain America movie and was played by former UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre. All he did in that film was talk in French and get his ass kicked. If jumping was a superpower, then no thanks, I’m fine without it!


A popstar who later joined the X-Men (also, how do the X-Men keep recruiting mutants with horrible powers), Dazzler has the power to covert sound waves into light beams. Essentially she’s a one-woman light show. Talk about having useless powers. She’s also been the butt of many, many online jokes.

Matter-Eater Lad

I guess being able to eat anything in existence is kind of a cool power right? Wrong! When you’re a part of the L.E.G.I.O.N of Superheroes, you’re up against heavyweights such as Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy, eating a lot doesn’t cut it.

Squirrel Girl

The power to communicate with squirrels? Really, Marvel? Although she’s a popular hero in the MCU, Squirrel Girl is a joke of a character. In a universe that contains powerhouses such as The Sentry and the Hulk, talking to squirrels is a pretty raw deal, don’t you think?

Bouncing Boy

Another member of the L.E.G.I.O.N of Superheroes, Bouncing Boy has got to be the lamest superhero in the bunch. His powers include the puffing up into the shape of a ball and then bouncing around. Yeah you’ll hit a few bad guys here and there, but for the most part, it’s a superpower that sucks.


Skate power? No thanks. Skaterman was one of the most panned comics on its release. Comic book artist Neal Adams created the character and took some heavy flak for it. In fact, critics called Skaterman, the most ludicrous superhero in comics. Yeah, we’re not going to disagree.

Colour Kid

Colour Kid had the power to change the colour of anything in the universe. It does seem like an awesome power until you realize that anyone with colour blindness could kick his ass. He’s got a nifty costume and all but with those lame powers, he wasn’t heading to the Justice League anytime soon.

You still wish you had superpowers?