Practical jokes are an acquired taste. I like a good prank, so long as I’m not the target. Well, sometimes, I do appreciate the effort and give it a giggle, but other times, pranks go too far. I hope none of us falls prey to an impish prank, so that we can all forever sit safely behind our screens and judge these content creators, and attempt to butcher their self-esteem with a single comment… Or do I?

There’s only one thing better than watching a successful prank, and that is a prank that fails. Here are 10 pranks that we know were intended to play out differently.

1. Anniversary Prank

Long term relationships need some titillation every now and then. Keeps the both of you interested.

2. Faking Pregnancy Prank

I don’t think the words “I tested positive” will ever bring about joy in most situations in any relationship.

3. Job Interview Prank

I got a job for you. It’s an Italian job. It’s a beretta.

4. Selling Guns In The Hood

This is a stupid idea because there are plenty guns in all poverty stricken areas already. You can see 12 year-olds selling drugs in the juggis of Delhi, they don’t need your supply.

5. Wearing A White Hood In A Black Neighbourhood

This is an even more insane idea. If, as an Indian, you don’t understand why this prank is stupid, maybe you should step outside from under your rock, and read a book.

6. Telling your Indian father that your GF is pregnant.

This is not what papa meant by “bada kaam karega”.

7. Scaring Daddy

Who is your daddy… in practical jokes?

8. Snowman Prank

Frosty may heat up a little after this.

9. Destroying Cigarettes Prank

I don’t get the point of this at all. We all know that if they don’t stop smoking, they will die, but if you try to stop them from smoking, you will.

Source: Smoking.

10. Tinder Date Prank

This is the situation which dudes are hoping to end up in using Tinder. But have you ever seen pictures of dishes in fancy restaurant menus? Do they ever look the same when the food reaches your table?

I didn’t like a few of them either. Just being prank with you.