For some of us, school was a pain in the neck. And only a few things truly made it worth the effort. Friends, yes, school functions, yes. Math, no, science, maybe, and SST, yes. 


I know, I know, SST was a boring subject, but contrary to popular opinion, it had a lot of upsides. Life was simpler when we had SST.  And if you’re curious to know what I am talking about, read on. 

1. Let’s get real, no calculations, no strange looking formulas – just reading paragraphs ‘turn by turn,’ in class. 

The class was basically a storytelling session. 

2. And, I know the facts, the dates and the names of the emperors and kings was a bit much. But, learning about ancient Indian history was fascinating at some level. 


3. And knowing Geography can actually serve a purpose in everyday life.

I mean, I still remember my teacher telling us that monsoon season begins after 26th June in northern India, and it’s a much better piece of info than a2 + b2 = (a + b)2 − 2ab 2. Is ko main kahaan use karu ab?

4. Also, remember when they introduced disaster management as a part of the subject? 

Well, those tips were really useful. Put your hands at the back of your head, get down on the floor and under a table when an earthquake hits. Right? Who else remembers this?

5. Let’s be very honest, SST classes were usually the best time to zone out. 

This was probably the only subject where even the teacher was okay with a bit of class daydreaming. 

6. Speaking of teachers, SST teachers were always either bordering cool or boring in the most comforting way possible. 

Nothing too extreme, no crazy amount of strictness. 

7. Its textbooks were way better than other subjects. 

History, Geography Pol. Science, Economics all had better diagrams and photos. So all that text was balanced out by interesting visuals!

8. Look, I know Pol. Science (Civics) was a bit dull, but again, it was one of the most useful subjects to be taught in school. 

In fact, for those of us that didn’t care to read newspapers and watch the news, Pol. Science was a saviour. 


9. And Geography’s ability to pique our interest in reading maps. 

Some people found their love for travel in those map reading classes!

10. Not to mention, it was much easier to score when four subjects were clubbed together. 

See, the subject was a blessing in disguise!