Nothing is a better escape than Indian daily soaps. They are out of this world – no, I mean literally, nothing like it happens in the real world. And there’s something about their imagination. We’ve literally witnessed the weirdest “accidental” scenarios where characters are dragged, strangled, and more, but they hardly notice any of it. Things just keep happening and they take like three episodes to realize. Of course, another two episodes are devoted to dealing with these “accidents”.

Sindoor scenes

If you think I’m exaggerating, take a look at these scenes:

1. A woman was accidentally trapped in a suitcase, and was carried around – even thrown in a swimming pool. She just properly fit in, and no one figured the difference between clothes and a woman. Also, what a bag!

2. Matches ARE made in heaven. Because, according to Indian TV shows, they are always an “act of God.” Women are just waiting around for an oblivious man to unknowingly drop some sindoor on our heads. And, voila!

3. There was also a scene that has left me with an unreasonable fear of table fans. Apparently, you/your dupatta can get caught in them and you wouldn’t realize. You COULD remove the dupatta, switch off the fan, turn your head, or pick more rational ways. But this TV show chose a man (or his teeth) to tear the thing apart.

4. Next up, we have a kid who’s pushed off a cliff. The naagin tackles him in her choti(?) She gives a monologue and tosses him away. The parents just wait for her to finish and THEN they choose to run towards him. We then see a flying kid (amazing VFX) who has no worry in the world. He’s just falling.. and falling. I’ve never seen a more patient baby, what a delight.

5. We also found another accidental marriage. I’m actually impressed by this guy’s speed. He has the reflexes of a mongoose. Also, how lost do they think women are? She could stop him, push him away, move herself or well, just say something.

6. Another addition to the strangler series: curtains. This time it was a bahu, who, after being slapped, rolled across the room and got herself strangled in a curtain. Again, she didn’t think to turn around. This created an entire scene in front of the family, and my mom thinks I AM dramatic.

7. The same bahu also got caught in a pallu. Now, this happened because she was holding onto another woman’s saree – the same woman who slapped her. I really, really think that this bahu should be kept away from flowy things. This is quite literally a pattern.

8. Sarees are in general very dangerous. In this recent viral scene, a man “accidentally” tucked in a woman’s saree and (unknowingly) dragged her with him. She didn’t stop him, he didn’t notice – what a love-story. Also, she was made to do this in heels.

9. In an episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay (reboot), Anurag was strolling around the house (multi-storeyed) mansion with his blazer on fire. He didn’t realize. And when Prerna literally tried extinguishing the fire, he asked, “Maar kyun rahi ho?” How oblivious can you be, Anurag? Oh, and what was this blazer?

Indian Daily Soaps - Characters
Saree of a woman strangled

10. In another sindoor-fiasco, a man slipped, fell, got some sindoor on his ring finger, and put it on Thapki’s head (perfectly). And if you’re expecting us to believe that “he’s just clumsy”, no one, literally no one has such a choreographed fall.

I’ve realized two things: A) Literally everything is a hazard. I must not get off my bed. B) There’s no such thing as a knight in shining armour. Now we have men with sindoor ki dibbi.