The entire ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ thing is sheer humbug! Most men get away with saying so half the time, because women are so difficult to understand. Bullshit!

If only men would wrap their heads around these little things, it would help them lighten the air and save them the daily #KhitPit with their partners.

1. The Outfit Selection Strategy

The colour combination of our outfit is of crucial importance. If you want us to wear random clothes, you should have dated a clown instead!

2. The Five Minute Paradox

Five minutes are never five minutes. We take time to get ready only because we want to look good, for ourselves and for YOU because what helps #TurnOnRomance better than putting in effort for the ones you love!

3. Civilised beings bathe

You get irritated when we ask you to bathe daily. Maintaing a little basic hygiene is good, you know?

4. Smelling Good = Looking Attractive

Yes, it is important to smell nice and so, we invest in fragrances. Smelling nice is next to attractiveness.

5. You can’t lie to us

You always get caught when you lie. No, we can’t read your mind but we know you.

6. Take the hint already

Instead of asserting how women are impossible to please, you should #TurnOnRomance by learning to pick up the not-so-subtle hints we throw. Life will be much easier, for the both of us!

7. Cleanliness is next to godliness

We aren’t intruding your space when we tidy your rooms up, we are just keeping your stuff systematically, where it belongs.

8. Money matters

We might shop worth a thousand rupees online but when it comes to gong to thrift shops, we like to bargain. So rather than making faces, help us convince him to lower the price.

9. We don’t like to nag

And for God’s sake! Stop saying we nag a lot. The question of us nagging won’t even rise if the daily chores were distributed equally.

10. We miss you

We don’t message and call you to spy on you, but because we miss you and want to know how you are.

In the everyday #KhitPit of relationships, love takes a backseat. #TurnOnRomance with the blissful fragrances of AirWick, that create a magical atmosphere!

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