Facebook is no doubt one of the most fantastic things to have happened to us. It started out as a fun and easy way to keep in touch with friends and even make new friends. But now, it has graduated into serving as a platform for people to express their minds. The more I think about it, the more confused I get with the concept of the Facebook Status.

Sure, updating your status can be a great way to begin your day, but some people seem to be doing it really really wrong. If you are a frequent FB News Feed scroller, you know you love to hate these statuses:

1. The Hashtag Overkill

“Catching up with friends. #BFF #dinner #fun #memories #yummy #HauzKhas #amici #happy #StomachUpset #hashtag”


2. The 24×7 Update

“Good morning. Brushing my teeth.”

Reading your status. Judging you.

3. The Emoter

“Feeling so <3 <3 <3 :* :* ;) :P :)))))"

Emoticons are cool and expressive, who needs a face?

4. The Check-In Master

“XYZ checked in at His Bathroom , with ABC”

How about you check in at Mars with aliens?

5. The Philosopher

“The world is a dark place. My soul is free. I think I’m a television.”

Bro, I want whatever you’re having.

6. The Quote Addict

“We didn’t start the fire . It was always burning .

“This quote isn’t mine but I’m going to use it anyway and make people think I’m smart.”

7. The Public Private Message

“I told them you were a good person. You proved me wrong.”

Get a (private) life.

8. The Never-Ending Status

“I walked out through the door today. And when I did I came across another door. I crossed it and then I crossed the street. When I walked on to the other side, I realized how selfish we humans are. The very face that… Read more”

No, thank you.

9. The PDA Status

“My sweetheart, I miss you soooo much. I want to hold your hand and sleep in your arms. Come to me soon. @boyfriend”

Two words: nobody cares.

10. The Mass Tagger

“Hello everyone. @friend @friend2 @friend’s friend @your mother @uncle @stranger @everyone else”